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Location: CA
Nonprofit Type: 501(c)3
EIN: 32-0447436
Fiscal Sponsor: N/A

Amah Mutsun Land Trust


Amah Mutsun Land Trust is a non-profit organization formed by the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, a non-federally recognized California Indian Tribe, to achieve the following vision:
-Conserve and restore Indigenous cultural and natural resources within the traditional territories of Indigenous Mutsun and Awaswas peoples.
-Steward our lands and waters; combining traditional resource and environmental management with contemporary approaches–ensuring a resilient future for all inhabitants of Popeloutchom and fulfilling our obligation to Creator.
-Research and teach the ways of nature—returning to the path of traditional ecological knowledge that our ancestors followed for thousands of years.

Focus Areas

Education | Environment | Youth Development

Geography & Community Served

Off-Reservation (Non-Urban) | Regional | Tribal