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Location: MT
Nonprofit Type: Fiscally Sponsored
EIN: 81-0450694
Fiscal Sponsor: Native Action, Inc

Calling Our Spirits Forward


As Indigenous Public Health professionals based in Montana, we are dedicated to ensuring equitable healthcare access and fostering cultural wellness among Tribal Communities. Our profound impact spans a diverse spectrum of initiatives, including cultural revitalization, healing programs, community empowerment, educational endeavors, collaborative partnerships, support for youth and elders, economic development initiatives, strengthening intergenerational bonds, promoting food sovereignty, and advocating for policy revisions. Our approach is deeply rooted in community-based practices, blending cultural wisdom with public health competencies to nurture resilience and unity, all aimed at forging a sustainable and prosperous future for Montana’s Tribal Communities.

Focus Areas

Advocacy | Arts, Culture, and Language | Children and Families | Community and Economic Development | Education | Elders | Environment | Health | Housing and Homelessness | Law and Policy | Sovereignty and Governance | Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ | Veterans and Service Members | Violence Prevention and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives | Youth Development

Geography & Community Served

Local | Reservation | Tribal | Urban