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Location: MN
Nonprofit Type: 501(c)3
EIN: 87-3561796
Fiscal Sponsor: N/A

Midwest Indigenous Immersion Network (MIIN)


MIIN is a Native American led; MN based 501c3 dedicated to the revitalization of the Ojibwe, and other indigenous languages. Our mission is to assist Ojibwe language programs to communicate and collaborate to collectively address common needs.

To support our network, we organize, and facilitate professional development opportunities, learning material creation, sharing and distribution, recruitment of staff and students, and the collection of educational data.

We work with several partner organizations spread across MN, WI, and Canada serving students from birth through adulthood.

Focus Areas

Arts, Culture, and Language | Education | Other

Geography & Community Served

Local | Off-Reservation (Non-Urban) | Regional | Reservation | Tribal | Urban