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Location: WA
Nonprofit Type: 501(c)3
EIN: 27-1126478
Fiscal Sponsor: N/A

Salish School of Spokane


Salish School of Spokane (SSOS) is a grass-roots organization governed and led by Native American people who want to reconnect with our traditional Salish language and culture. SSOS is not just a “school”. We are seeking justice and striving to strengthen our community using a schooling model. Just as the agents of genocide used residential boarding schools to break cultural and inter-generational connections among Salish people, we are using schooling, adult education and ceremony to rebuild those connections and ensure a better future for ourselves.

We operate a preschool and childcare center; private K-8 school; Salish Language Educator Development program; evening Salish language classes; language classes and enrichment programming for Native youth in grades 9-12; a Salish curriculum development program focusing on language acquisition, literacy, math and science materials, and; a program of technical support and training for other endangered language communities.

Focus Areas

Arts, Culture, and Language | Education | Youth Development

Geography & Community Served