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Location: NC
Nonprofit Type: 501(c)3
EIN: 56-1735439
Fiscal Sponsor: N/A

Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina (TNNC)


The Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina (TNNC) is composed of enrolled members of the Tuscarora Nation that survived Indian Removal by hiding in and around the Swamps of Robeson County. This organizations aids in helping to clearly represent the Tuscarora Nation by clarifying the misconceptions caused by colonization and assimilation. Although the Tuscarora remain, the effects left by Colonization continues to place barriers to adequate resources from the Tuscarora communities. The organization presents resources to combat food insecurities, increase traditional food practices, increase cultural awareness, and help represent the Tuscarora in educational and contemporary settings.

Donate by Mail: PO Box 364, Maxton, NC, 28364

Focus Areas

Advocacy | Arts, Culture, and Language | Children and Families | Sovereignty and Governance

Geography & Community Served

Local | Off-Reservation (Non-Urban) | Regional | Tribal | Urban