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Location: WI
Nonprofit Type: 501(c)3
EIN: 39-2034477
Fiscal Sponsor: N/A

Waaadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute


The Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute utilizes the gift of the Ojibwe language as a means through which students and the community can achieve the ultimate goal of Indigenous survival and tribal sovereignty through realization of personal, family, cultural, spiritual, environmental, and educational goals.

The Institute began as the Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Immersion School whose mission is to create proficient speakers of the Ojibwe language who are able to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world. Although its current primary focus is K-12 education, it has evolved as a regional institution for Ojibwe language revitalization by creating immersion teachers and providing technical assistance to other language and immersion school programs in development throughout the nation.

Focus Areas

Arts, Culture, and Language | Education | Youth Development

Geography & Community Served

Regional | Reservation | Tribal