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Montana Consortium for Urban Indian Health

Montana Consortium for Urban Indian Health (MCUIH), committed to promoting the health and well-being of American Indians and Alaskan Natives in urban areas. MCUIH is dedicated to supporting Urban Indian Organizations (UIOs) in their mission to deliver healthcare services to these communities across Montana.
Operating on the belief in the strength of partnerships and interconnectedness, MCUIH engages in advocacy, education, technical assistance, and capacity-building initiatives. By empowering UIOs with resources and fostering collaboration, we strive to enhance access to quality healthcare and achieve better outcomes for American Indians and Alaskan Natives in urban areas.
At MCUIH, we are deeply passionate about educating and engaging our partners and by working hand in hand, we strive to create meaningful and sustainable impacts within urban Indigenous communities.

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Montessori American Indian Childcare Center

Montessori American Indian Childcare Center (MAICC) in St. Paul, MN is a trusted childcare center that focuses on a culturally unique & holistic approach to lifelong learning. We are a 10-year old, high-quality & educational Montessori preschool providing early childhood learning opportunities for children. Our goal is to let families witness their children blossom into independent, conscientious, & well-rounded individuals. MAICC is the only American Indian directed & managed preschool for Native children in Ramsey County & offers a community-powered solution to address the academic achievement gap of American Indian children by investment in young children. MAICC’s mission is ‘to address the early childhood needs and the academic achievement gap of American Indian children, through revitalizing language & culture.

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Na’ah Illahee Fund

Na’ah Illahee Fund serves as a bridge builder, facilitator and resource partner as we work to catalyze a movement toward positive futures. Our scope of impact includes urban, rural, island, and reservation-based Indigenous communities from the Arctic to the Rockies in what is now known as Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

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Nààts’íilid Initiative

Our mission is to strengthen the cultural and economic resilience of Dinétah through self-reliance initiatives in the built environment. We envision integrating Navajo teachings and building practices and fostering interpersonal connections between the place and the place makers. These sets of ideas are fundamental to our approach to community development and design.

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Naeva, formerly Native American Voters Alliance, emerged from the fight to protect New Mexico’s sacred site, The Petroglyphs. We battled the City of Albuquerque’s plan to build a highway through it, sparking involvement in tax, bond, and infrastructure debates. Witnessing powerful influences in local politics, we mobilized hundreds to pressure lawmakers. Over two decades, we expanded campaigns to include predatory lending and environmental justice. Rooted in Diné, Pueblo, and urban Indigenous communities, our mission remains: empowering an informed Indigenous electorate. We unite stakeholders to enhance Indigenous quality of life through education and community organizing. Partnering with NM Native Vote, we collaborate with Tribal communities and advocate for social, economic, and environmental justice.

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Founded as the Native American Finance Officers Association in 1982, NAFOA supports the advancement of independent and culturally vibrant American Indian and Alaska Native communities through our work in growing tribal economies and strengthening tribal finance.

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National Congress of American Indians

Since 1944 NCAI has served as the unified voice for American Indian and Alaska Native Issues.

Founded in 1944, the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is the oldest, largest, and most representative American Indian and Alaska Native organization serving the broad interests of tribal governments and communities.

NCAI, a non-profit organization, advocates for a bright future for generations to come by taking the lead to gain consensus on a constructive and promising vision for Indian Country. The organization’s policy issues and initiatives are driven by the consensus of our diverse membership, which consists of American Indian and Alaska Native tribal governments, tribal citizens, individuals, and Native and non-Native organizations.

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National Council of Urban Indian Health

The National Council of Urban Indian Health is the national non-profit 501(c)3 organization devoted to the support and development of quality, accessible, and culturally-competent health and public health services for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) living in urban settings. NCUIH is the only national organization that advocates for the health of urban AI/AN, and we provide critically needed technical assistance, training, policy support, and other services to urban AI/AN across the U.S. For more than 25 years, NCUIH advocated for health equity among the urban AI/AN population. NCUIH envisions a nation where comprehensive personal and public health services are accessible to all AI/AN living in urban centers throughout the U.S.

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