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Tomaquag Museum

Tomaquag Museum is Rhode Island’s only Indigenous-led Museum, a successful non-profit, and one of the only Museums in RI to earn an IMLS award. Their staff and Board work hard to share their lived Indigenous history and cultural knowledge from a unique, first-person perspective for the education and benefit of all. Their Indigenous Empowerment Center serves the Indigenous Community by providing educational programs, internship and fellowship opportunities and networks for artists and performers and more.

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Tribal Education Departments National Assembly

TEDNA aims to serve Native American students by assisting Tribal Education Departments in crafting more comprehensive educational systems. We represent Tribal Nations across the United States, and support the right of TEDs to reclaim their sovereignty by defining and achieving their own educational goals in order to better serve Indigenous students. We are supported by the Native American Rights Fund and the US Department of Education’s Office of Indian Education. We currently serve nearly 20 schools, providing Native high school students with access to 1-on-1 support from Education Specialists, and providing college and career readiness resources.

Donate by Mail: 309 NW 13th St. Ste 103, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

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Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina (TNNC)

The Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina (TNNC) is composed of enrolled members of the Tuscarora Nation that survived Indian Removal by hiding in and around the Swamps of Robeson County. This organizations aids in helping to clearly represent the Tuscarora Nation by clarifying the misconceptions caused by colonization and assimilation. Although the Tuscarora remain, the effects left by Colonization continues to place barriers to adequate resources from the Tuscarora communities. The organization presents resources to combat food insecurities, increase traditional food practices, increase cultural awareness, and help represent the Tuscarora in educational and contemporary settings.

Donate by Mail: PO Box 364, Maxton, NC, 28364

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Tutskwat Oqawtoynani

Founded in 2016, Tutskwat Oqawtoynani (helping the Earth to gather her strength) has been working to clean First Mesa from top to bottom. Located in the northeast corner of Arizona, Tutskwat Oqawtoynani directly impacts over 1,985 Hopi and Tewa members who live on or around First Mesa. The three Hopi villages Tewa, Sichomovi, and Walpi on top of First Mesa, have been needing protection from illegal dumping where sacred ceremonies take place.

Influences from the outside world and historical trauma have since changed our value system. It is time to remember that Hopi are stewards of the lands, caretakers of humanity. To date we have removed an estimated 85 tons of trash in less than a quarter mile behind, below our mesa, leading with the vision, through discipline and responsibility we will preserve the sacredness of our Tewa and Hopi Villages. Upholding our promise to protect and ensure that humanity enjoys peace and prosperity, while creating a space for healing and recovery.

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Unkitawa is an Indigenous-led nonprofit with programs that utilize Native American/Indigenous cultural knowledge, Indigenous Medicines, and Indigenous foods to serve the BIPOC, LGBTQI+, Veterans, Elders, families, and youth communities. Unkitawa provides culturally responsive services to the Native American/Indigenous community of King County. We remain committed to the community by employing Native American/Indigenous peoples to implement our programming.

Unkitawa’s mission is centered on traditional Native American / Indigenous practices to heal and support communities through ceremonies, arts, and culture. Our traditional ceremonies are non-Eurocentric healings addressing mental, physical, and emotional health.

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Urban Native Collective (Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition)

The Urban Native Collective exists to preserve and represent the culture and heritage of Native American, Indigenous, and First Nations people; to provide education, advocacy, and support on contemporary Indigenous issues and cultivate knowledge about Native American history in local and regional communities.

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Vision Maker Media

Vision Maker Media’s mission is empowering and engaging Native people to share stories. We envision a world changed and healed by understanding Native stories and the public conversations they generate. We work with VMM funded producers to develop, produce and distribute programs for all public media. VMM supports training to increase the number of American Indians and Alaska Natives producing public broadcasting programs.

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Visionary Ventures works with our Native American community leaders and members to advocate for affordable housing, economic development, services and jobs to help provide stability and enrich their lives.

Visionary Ventures is co-developing the first affordable housing for our Native American community in Chicago’s history. It is truly history in the making! We were promised housing 50 years ago and we are finally making it happen.

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