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Texas Tribal Buffalo Project

The Texas Tribal Buffalo Project is committed to healing the generational trauma of Lipan Apache descendants and other native nations bordering traditional Lipan Apache ranges. These ranges mimic the ancestral buffalo ranges of the southern plains. The state of Texas has prospered and grown to be an Agriculture and natural resource powerhouse in the nation. While this has happened through the generations the native descendants have had force relocation, suffered massacres and been severely traumatized. We however are a proud and strong nation still, even displaced in our own homelands. Just as the buffalo have been displaced from their southern ranges. We aim to provide a pathway to heal our people, our relatives, including the buffalo.

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The 100 Horses Women’s Society

The 100 Horses Women’s Society encourages girls and young women to support each other by empowering them with their ancestral and cultural knowledge of womanhood and the necessary life skills to enrich their lives and the lives of future generations to come. We aim to create a network of women that support each other through mentorship to upcoming generations of mothers, aunts, and grandmothers.

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The Center for Native Health

The mission of the Center for Native Health is the reduction of health disparities for Native communities through engagement in the preservation and respectful application of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS). We have four emerging areas that we focus on: Education and Training, Land and Wellness, Cultural Preservation through Application, and Matrilineal Care: women, families and children

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The Kwek Society

The Kwek Society works to end period poverty in Indigenous communities in the United States while celebrating individual dignity, agency, and success. We provide Indigenous students and their peers, as well as certain Indigenous communities, period care items, including our moon time bags filled with supplies. We curate and share widely period education materials and traditional Indigenous teachings about periods that center menstruators. And we work to shine a light on the inequities experienced by those we help.

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The Lyndon Foundation

The Lyndon Foundation aims to preserve the traditional skill of Navajo silversmithing by empowering the next generation of artisans. With the art of Navajo silversmithing dying out, it is crucial to create pathways to transfer the knowledge of silversmithing to future generations of Native artisans. The foundation was founded by Lyndon Tsosie, an award-winning Silversmith artisan with over 30 years of experience. By preserving the art of silversmithing the foundation aims to keep a heritage alive and strengthen the community.

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Tiwahe Foundation

Tiwahe creates pathways for American Indian people to reach their own goals, on their own terms, in this critical moment for defining how Native cultures, languages, and ways of being will live and grow in the coming generations.

We do this through our flagship micro-granting program (AIFEP), and through our Oyate Leadership Network (OLN), a network weaving and leadership development program that centers the cultural needs of our Indigenous leaders in Minnesota.

OLN is a source of community healing through culture and language, recognizing that reciprocal, mutualistic relationships and traditional ways of knowing are critical tools for rebuilding pathways of community care.

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Tomaquag Museum

Tomaquag Museum is Rhode Island’s only Indigenous-led Museum, a successful non-profit, and one of the only Museums in RI to earn an IMLS award. Their staff and Board work hard to share their lived Indigenous history and cultural knowledge from a unique, first-person perspective for the education and benefit of all. Their Indigenous Empowerment Center serves the Indigenous Community by providing educational programs, internship and fellowship opportunities and networks for artists and performers and more.

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