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Visionary Ventures works with our Native American community leaders and members to advocate for affordable housing, economic development, services and jobs to help provide stability and enrich their lives.

Visionary Ventures is co-developing the first affordable housing for our Native American community in Chicago’s history. It is truly history in the making! We were promised housing 50 years ago and we are finally making it happen.

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Waaadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute

The Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute utilizes the gift of the Ojibwe language as a means through which students and the community can achieve the ultimate goal of Indigenous survival and tribal sovereignty through realization of personal, family, cultural, spiritual, environmental, and educational goals.

The Institute began as the Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Immersion School whose mission is to create proficient speakers of the Ojibwe language who are able to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world. Although its current primary focus is K-12 education, it has evolved as a regional institution for Ojibwe language revitalization by creating immersion teachers and providing technical assistance to other language and immersion school programs in development throughout the nation.

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Wakan Tipi Awanyankapi

Wakan Tipi Awanyankapi (WTA) is a Native-Led cultural and environmental stewardship nonprofit in St. Paul, Minnesota that is centered in Dakota values. We advocate for and steward the Dakota sacred landscape, Wakan Tipi, which encompasses Wakan Tipi Cave, Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary, and Indian Mounds Cemetery. Our mission is to engage people to honor and care for our natural places and the sacred sites and cultural value within them. Our three program areas are Environmental Education, Urban Conservation & Restoration, and Cultural Connections & Healing.

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Waking Women Healing Institute

We are Indigenous women and LGBTQ+ survivors of violence who are working to create communities that are safe, equitable, and violence free. We serve indigenous women, girls, and native LGBTQ+ survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and families of MMIWP. We provide direct services as well as healing, prevention, and responses that are founded in our culture and in connection to land and language.

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We Are the Seeds

We Are the Seeds of CultureTrust celebrates and educates about contemporary Indigenous arts and cultures, creates expansive and holistic opportunities for Indigenous artists, and provides positive and accurate representation of Indigenous peoples.

As a Native-led organization, our priority is to serve the Indigenous community in the Northeast and design programming that reconciles gaps in representation of East Coast Indigenous artists and makers, affecting change on a national and global scale. We continually challenge Indigenous erasure and invisibility and create safe spaces to exist as we are: beautiful, thriving peoples with important histories and even stronger futures.

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Widoktadwen Center for Native Knowledge

Our mission is to promote the visibility of Native Americans in Berks County and beyond through community education, leadership, and activism.

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Wisconsin Indigenous Economic Development Corporation

The Wisconsin Indigenous Economic Development Corporation (WIEDC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

Our mission is to expand Native economic development by building the financial sovereignty of Native individuals, families, Native-owned businesses, Tribal enterprises and communities in Wisconsin.

Donate by Mail: PO Box 790, Keshena, WI 54135

Donate by Mail: PO Box 790, Keshena, WI 54135

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Wisconsin Native Loan Fund Inc.

The Wisconsin Native Loan Fund (WINLF) helps low-income or otherwise underserved Native Americans of Wisconsin in realizing their dreams of owning or refurbishing a home, rebuilding their credit, or starting up or expanding a business. This stems from WINLF’s mission to increase the financial self-sufficiency of Native Americans of Wisconsin. Since its founding in 2006, WINLF has assisted hundreds of clients through low-interest mortgages, consumer loans, and business loans; also, through financial education.

WINLF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a U.S. Treasury-certified community development financial institution (CDFI).

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