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Bluebird Cultural Initiative

Our Mission is to provide meaningful programming to the community that enriches their understanding of the history and cultural traditions of Native American peoples of the Great Plains. We strive to revitalize the past through arts and culture to energize the future for our youth.

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California Indian Museum and Cultural Center

The purpose of the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center is to educate the public about the history, cultures, and contemporary life of California Indians and honor their contributions to civilization.

Established in 1991 by Native social justice leaders, and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1996, CIMCC is integrally connected to its community. At its 24,000 square foot facility on 2-acres in Pomo and Miwok ancestral territory, CIMCC provides a cultural home where Native perspectives are nurtured, Native voices inspire, and Native knowledge fuels solutions to pressing societal issues. CIMCC is 100% led and governed by Native peoples.

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Calling Our Spirits Forward

As Indigenous Public Health professionals based in Montana, we are dedicated to ensuring equitable healthcare access and fostering cultural wellness among Tribal Communities. Our profound impact spans a diverse spectrum of initiatives, including cultural revitalization, healing programs, community empowerment, educational endeavors, collaborative partnerships, support for youth and elders, economic development initiatives, strengthening intergenerational bonds, promoting food sovereignty, and advocating for policy revisions. Our approach is deeply rooted in community-based practices, blending cultural wisdom with public health competencies to nurture resilience and unity, all aimed at forging a sustainable and prosperous future for Montana’s Tribal Communities.

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Change Labs

Change Labs is a Native-led and Native-controlled 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based on the Navajo and Hopi nations. We foster the creation of successful Native American small businesses that provide a social benefit to our Native communities.

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Changing Woman Initiative

Changing Woman Initiative is a Native American-led organization with the mission to empower our diverse indigenous communities to protect cultural birth resiliency and the fundamental indigenous human right to reproductive health, dignity, & justice. Our work through the years has led the revolution around reclaiming traditional birthing practices in our Native American communities.

CWI believes that healthcare is a human right. We believe that our sacred life way teachings are a map for how we should care for ourselves. CWI seeks to provide decolonized healthcare and recognize that communities are experts. We acknowledge, honor, and respect traditional knowledge & birth keepers in communities and seek to work with them to help pass on life way teachings, as that we see this to be the center of healing for women, families, and nations.

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Cherokee Historical Association

Our mission is to share Cherokee history and culture and the story of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians with the world. We operate two cultural venues: Oconaluftee Indian Village living history site and Unto These Hills outdoor drama.

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Chicago American Indian Community Collaborative

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