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Amah Mutsun Land Trust

Amah Mutsun Land Trust is a non-profit organization formed by the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, a non-federally recognized California Indian Tribe, to achieve the following vision:
-Conserve and restore Indigenous cultural and natural resources within the traditional territories of Indigenous Mutsun and Awaswas peoples.
-Steward our lands and waters; combining traditional resource and environmental management with contemporary approaches–ensuring a resilient future for all inhabitants of Popeloutchom and fulfilling our obligation to Creator.
-Research and teach the ways of nature—returning to the path of traditional ecological knowledge that our ancestors followed for thousands of years.

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American Indian Association of Illinois

The American Indian Association of Illinois (AIAI) is a 16-year-old, urban based, Native led, Native serving,non-profit organization, dedicated to transforming American Indian communities through art, culture, education, social justice, advocacy, research, economic development, and education, founded in values grounded in Native culture, language, and history, fused with traditional Native knowledge, designed as a model to enhance all urban Native communities.

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American Indian Cancer Foundation

The American Indian Cancer Foundation (AICAF) is a national Native-led and Native-governed non-profit organization established to address the tremendous cancer burdens faced by Native people. AICAF strives to be a partner trusted by tribes and organizations, working toward effective and sustainable cancer solutions based on cultural teachings and wisdom.

AICAF works to eliminate the cancer burdens of American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) people through improved access to prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivor support.

Through hard work, culturally appropriate community-based programs and policy change that affords Native people access to the best prevention and treatment strategies, we see a day where American Indian communities are free of the burdens of cancer.

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American Indian College Fund

The American Indian College Fund invests in Native students and tribal college education to transform lives and communities. Since its founding in 1989, the American Indian College Fund has been the nation’s largest charity supporting Native student access to higher education. We provide scholarships and programming for American Indian and Alaska Native students to access higher education. And once students are in college, we provide them with the tools and support to succeed.

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American Indian Community House Inc.

AICH is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization serving the needs of Native Americans residing in New York City. Our aim is to improve and promote the well-being of the American Indian Community in and around NYC. We ensure the well-being and social survival of urban and reservation-based Native Americans and their families through the provision of health and social services, while increasing the visibility of American Indian cultures in an urban setting, in order to cultivate awareness, understanding and respect.

The organization currently focuses on three main areas: Indigenous Culture & Education, Social Services and Landback. AICH promotes Indigenous cultural sustainability and the advancement of Indigenous knowledge within our community and throughout the city-at-large.

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American Indian Family Center

The American Indian Family Center (AIFC) serves approximately 700 American Indian families each year with mental health, recovery, employment, housing, family, and youth services. We are a community gathering space for the American Indian community in Saint Paul, the only of its kind in Ramsey County and the East Metro, and our services continue to grow due to our communities’ increased needs and growth. The mission of AIFC is to provide American Indian families with programs and services enriched by traditional values and culture with a vision of “American Indian Families Thrive!”

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American Indian Health and Family Services of Southeastern MI, Inc.

Since 1978, American Indian Health & Family Services (AIHFS) has been a nonprofit health and community wellness center. The center’s approach integrates traditional Native American healing and spiritual practices with contemporary Western medicine in both treatment and prevention through the use of the Integrated Care Model.

Mission: To empower and enhance the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing of American Indian/Alaska Native individuals, families, and other underserved populations in SE MI through culturally grounded health and family services.

Vision: AIHFS will be nationally recognized as a leading Urban Indian health and community center supporting healthy Native people, families, and communities.

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American Indian Resource Center

We believe in enhancing Indigenous Children and family educational experiences with infusing our traditional beliefs of knowing who we are and building on our ancestor’s knowledge that has sustained us for generations since time immemorial – “Passing on Traditions.”

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