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American Indian Community House Inc.

The American Indian Community House (AICH) was founded in 1969, by Native American volunteers as a community-based organization, mandated to improve the status of Native Americans, and to foster inter-cultural understanding.

We have a native American artist residency program May through October. It is open to any Native American Artist. We also have once a month youth programming.

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American Indian Family Center

The American Indian Family Center (AIFC) serves approximately 700 American Indian families each year with mental health, recovery, employment, housing, family and youth services. We are a community gathering space for the American Indian community in Saint Paul, the only of its kind in Ramsey County and the East Metro and our services continue to grow as a result of our communities increased needs and growth. The mission of AIFC is to provide American Indian families with programs and services enriched by traditional values and culture with a vision of “American Indian Families Thrive!”

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American Indian Health and Family Services of Southeastern MI, Inc.

Since 1978, American Indian Health & Family Services (AIHFS) has been a nonprofit health and community wellness center. The center’s approach integrates traditional Native American healing and spiritual practices with contemporary Western medicine in both treatment and prevention through the use of the Integrated Care Model.

AIHFS is a Title V Urban Indian Health Organization and a Federally Qualified Health Center that has obtained CARF accreditation as a certified “Health Home.” A health home is a healthcare delivery approach that focuses on the whole person and integrates and coordinates primary care, behavioral health, other healthcare, and community and social support services. AIHFS is supported by funding from the Indian Health Service, federal grants, and contributions from partners and community members. AIHFS is located in southwest Detroit and serves a seven-county area.

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American Indian Resource Center

We believe in enhancing Indigenous Children and family educational experiences with infusing our traditional beliefs of knowing who we are and building on our ancestor’s knowledge that has sustained us for generations since time immemorial – “Passing on Traditions.”

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Association on American Indian Affairs

​​The Association on American Indian Affairs is the oldest non-profit serving Native Country protecting sovereignty, preserving culture, educating youth and building capacity.

The Association was formed in 1922 to change the destructive path of federal policy from assimilation, termination and allotment, to sovereignty, ​self-determination and self-sufficiency. Throughout our 100-year history, we have provided national advocacy on watershed issues that support sovereignty and culture, while working at a grassroots level with Native Nations to support the implementation of programs that affect real lives on the ground.

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Atux Forever: Restoring Attuans’ Freedom

While honoring the history and contributions of our Ancestors the specific purpose and mission of this nonprofit is to support and bring perpetual peace and prosperity to the Saskinax, known as Attuans, an Indigenous maritime Tribe whose ancestors inhabited Saskinax Territory since time immemorial. The Saskinax people come from Atux (Attu), Angatux, Avayax, Samiya, am Alaid Islands. These are the most western and eastern 5 islands in the Aleutian chain.

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Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (BAAITS)

Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (BAAITS) exists to restore and recover the role of Two-Spirit people within the American Indian/First Nations community by creating a forum for the spiritual, cultural and artistic expression of Two-Spirit people.

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Big Sky Missing Murdered Indigenous People

Our mission is to promote awareness, provide education, develop solutions, and support the efforts to eliminate human trafficking & the Missing Murdered Indigenous People Crisis in Montana. We empower survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, and surviving family members of MMIP, through moral support, opportunities to utilize our platform, and offer resources and connection. We educate through training, consulting, and awareness events. We’re survivor led, and 100% native women led. (Also known as Big Sky MMIP)

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