Native Nonprofit Day Debuts on Indian Country Today’s Newscast

In last month’s feature by Indian Country Today, Native Nonprofit Day shared the spotlight with fellow powerhouses Tazbah Chavez, writer and director of Reservation Dogs, and Bill Parker, a Choctaw veteran.

At the six minute mark, correspondent Aliyah Chavez interviewed Native Ways Federation’s Executive Director Carly Bad Heart Bull regarding the announcement of the second official launch of Native Nonprofit Day and its aim for increasing support towards Native-led organizations.

Native Nonprofit Day will occur on May 19, 2023 and, subsequently, land on the third Friday of every May. Its goal… to bring Native-led nonprofits to the forefront of philanthropic discussion.

“Research has shown that less than half a percentage of philanthropic dollars are making their way to our communities,” stated Bad Heart Bull. “But, even that number is questionable as the number to Native-led entities is even lower.”

According the Bad Heart Bull, Native-led organizations know how to best support Native communities—as they’re on the frontlines and the ones closest to them. Native Ways Federation is unique in that it aims to be a resource for the Native-led nonprofit sector and philanthropy as a whole to increase awareness and support for Native-led organizations. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Native Nonprofit Day and how you can actively advocate for Native-led nonprofits or get your Native-led nonprofit involved, then please visit NativeNonprofit.Day

About Native Ways Federation:

NWF was founded in 2008 by a group of seven national Native-led nonprofits to activate and expand informed giving in Indian Country. We are committed to accomplishing this through donor education and advocacy, which includes our Native Nonprofit Day campaign. Our founding members include the American Indian College Fund, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, the Association on American Indian Affairs, the First Nations Development Institute, the National Indian Child Welfare Association, the Native American Rights Fund, and Running Strong for American Indian Youth. We strengthen the circle of giving by uniting the Native nonprofit sector, advocating for Native nonprofits, and influencing philanthropy.