Native Ways Federation (NWF) Executive Director Carly Bad Heart Bull, JD (Flandreau Santee) was honored to be featured in Atmos’ recent article regarding the fight for Indigenous data sovereignty.

Writer Kate Nelson delves into the topic of how false data is just another form of perpetuating racial inequities and examines the various people and communities championing Indigenous data sovereignty (also known as IDSov). Nelson’s article explores IDSov across a variety of sectors from healthcare to philanthropy and how there needs to be a framework that’s grounded in the world views of the people being serviced in order to incorporate their traditions, languages, values, and priorities.

Bad Heart Bull discussed her mission to improve data accuracy in philanthropy after discovering discrepancies in Indian Country investing.

“We found that many grants labeled as serving Indian Country were just serving an area where Native people happen to live,” Bad Heart Bull stated. “It wasn’t due to intentional efforts to underserve Native communities; rather, it was due to inequitable coding practices. That led us to reconfigure our coding methods and to institute trainings to help staff understand if a grant was intentionally serving a Native community or just listing them as a demographic population.”

Bad Heart Bull and others explore this critical topic further in the full article by Atmos. Click here to read the original article in its entirety.