A Panel at the 2023 CEP Conference (Boston, MA)

Tuesday, October 31, 2023 from 02:30 PM – 03:45 PM EDT

Despite findings from multiple sources, including CEP research, that Native communities are being overlooked by philanthropy, large gaps in the basic understanding of the needs of Native communities, as well as how to build funding relationships with Native nonprofits and communities, persist. Funders have an urgent responsibility to seek out both a better understanding and better relationships with Native communities — not least as the work being led by Native nonprofits and communities has significant implications for how funders conduct their work more broadly, across issue areas. As one example, instead of performative land acknowledgements, what are specific actions that philanthropies can take to support Native communities, such as learning tribal distinctions and including Native communities in data collection efforts (not just as asterisks or footnotes).

This panel includes:

A report with further findings, reflections and recommendations from Native Ways Federations’ focus groups with Native Nonprofit and philanthropic leaders will be published in Winter 2023/24. Sign up to be the first to know and stay up to date with Native Ways Federation!

Resources from Native Ways Federation

Additional resources will be added as needed following the panel and Q&A. Sign up above to receive the report once published, which will include even more resources to deepen your understanding.

Reclaiming Native Truth, First Nations Development Institute A national effort to foster cultural, social and policy change by empowering Native Americans to counter discrimination, invisibility and the dominant narratives that limit Native opportunity, access to justice, health and self-determination.
Charitable and Sovereign, First Nations Development Institute Understanding Tribal 7871 organizations.
Brochure on 7871s
What every tribe, corporation, foundation and financial planner should know about charitable giving to tribes and tribal organizations.
Afro-Indigenous & Black Indigenous Peoples, Native Americans in Philanthropy A starting guide of terminology
Native Governance Center Accessible, introductory-level resources on a variety of topics related to sovereignty, governance, and nation rebuilding.
What Donors Need to Know About Native-led Nonprofits, Native Ways Federation 101 recorded webinar to deepen your understanding of Native Nations, communities, and nonprofits.
Invisible No More: Voices from Native America, Edited by Raymond Foxworth and Steve Dubb. Afterward by Carly Bad Heart Bull.

A groundbreaking collection of stories by Native American leaders, many of them women, who are leading the way through cultural grounding and nation-building in the areas of community, environmental justice, and economic justice.

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Investing in Indian Country: The Bush Foundation Evaluates its Data, Candid


Native Nations Investments Reports, The Bush Foundation

Any analysis of philanthropic funding is only as good as the coding and data behind it. But ask any program officer about their methodology, and their answers will likely be different.